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"Shannon has done a few different projects for us and we have been extremely happy with each of them. He is a very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy person. The install crews were equally professional, skilled, polite and friendly and all projects were done on time. Our property was cleaned up every night after the days work. We highly recommend Shannon and will continue to work with him for future projects, he cares about what he does and his customers."

Nadine Hayes
Millbridge Subdivision

“WOW!! What a difference, they are doing such a great job like we used to get! I'm at home with Covid, so I snuck outside to thank the men (with my mask on) for doing such a great job. He said he mowed at 2-3/4" like he used to do. I said used to? and he said yeah, I used to mow your grass , it then clicked with me it was Parker. Thank you for bringing him back.... what a difference he made here, thank you!! He has always done and bang out job, today is no exception! I appreciate it!"